Expanded Audience

Expanded Audience consists of an immersive 90-minute interactive performance, intended to lecture visitors through experience. Exploring the relationship between the interpretation of the audience, as well as the intentions of the artist.

By interviewing various influential video artists such as Malcolm LeGrice, Maxa Zoller and Isaac Julian.  We provided an intimate setting with the movements pioneers, contextualising their insights through unarticulated and interactive chapters.


Performed at EYE Institute Amsterdam
Creative direction Simon Bertheux, Mickey van Olst
Video content Seeltje van Boeckel, Gino Kowsoleea, Nienke Mink, Simon Bertheux
Production Willemijn Ploeg 
Audio composer Michiel Wesselink
Code Mickey van Olst

Chris Allen, Menno Grootveld, Isaac Julien, 
Malcolm leGrice, Marnix de Nijs, Ernie Tee, Maxa Zoller