Exploring Technology

Exploring Technology was taught at Hyper Island Stockholm as a four-week course where the students learn to use technology as a creative tool. Inspired by industry leaders and challenged through workshops in physical computing, virtual reality and sustainable hacking they experience new ways of thinking and making.

In recent years Mickey has been co-lecturing and designing the Exploring Technology course at Hyper Island for the Interactive Art Director course, incorporating an average of 60 students per year.


Taught at Hyper Island Stockholm
Facilitation Jonas JohanssonMickey van Olst
Video Hybrid Forest
Music Tourist - Placid Acid
Speakers VR SverigeUbi de FeoDarsha HewittTeenage EngineeringUndevFlyte
Special thanks Christopher-Robin EklundJohan ErikssonRose HallgrenRoger Calaf