A robot that uses artificial intelligence to analyse itself, thus reflecting on its own existence. Comprised of Google’s Tensorflow framework and a simple mirror, the experiment translates self-portraits of a digital body into lyrical guesses.

The project explores machine performance of digital consciousness, by combining Alan Turing’s concept of imitation with the concept of narrative identity. As the viewer observes an artificial intelligence whose only purpose is to investigate itself, they witness a synthetic model of self-awareness, a fragment of artificial narcissism and a fictional character in its own autobiographic narrations.


Production Studio Waltz Binaire
Creative Direction Christian Mio Loclair
Music Balanescu Quartett | The Young Conscript And The Moon
Executive Production Andrej Krause
Technical Direction Mickey van Olst
Design Marta Soto Morras
Physical Installation Jan Bernstein
AI Technical Consultant Marcel Schwittlick
Photography Denise Koone Kuhnert
Director of Photography 1 Andrés Lizana Prado
Director of Photography 2 Sebastian Weinmann
Colorgrading André Froelian
Text Editor Benjamin Wagner