Mickey van Olst operates within a wide array of tools and spaces. Embracing a multi-craft mindset that intersects all aspects of tech-driven art & design.


Mickey van Olst is an art director, artist and creative technologist whose work centers on exploring the potential and surprising aspects of integrating technology into an artistic context. Utilizing a wide array of tools, he seamlessly integrates elements from varying art forms and disciplines. Driven by the development of engaging digital art installations, intricate prototypes, and bespoke hardware projects.

At the core of Mickey’s work is the use of programming languages in artistic design. As an experienced generalist he works with a variety of environments, such as WebGL, GLSL, C++ and Java. Lending a unique aesthetic and interactive experience to his work.

One of his key tools is TouchDesigner, an intuitive node-based visual programming environment which allows him to bring concepts to life in the digital realm. Combined with proficiency in Unity and Unreal Engine, they enable the fabrication of immersive environments that question traditional boundaries and allow for new narratives.

Mickey van Olst has worked extensively on art installations and experimental instruments. Developing custom hardware and electronics for spatial narratives. Through the use of PCB design, hardware prototyping and kinetics.

Lighting plays a significant role in Mickey’s work, carefully designed to enhance the viewing experience and complement physical aspects of art installations. Through the interplay between light and space, allowing for depth and layering, subtly guiding the audience’s focus and engagement.
The installations Mickey works on often feature moving elements, enabled by motors and other mechanical systems. This use of kinetic design contributes a dynamic tangible aspect, creating an environment that is not only visually stimulating but physically engaging.

As a creative technologist, he actively supports artists, agencies, studios and institutions at any stage, from early concepts, into fully realized projects.

Extending beyond individual projects, Mickey co-directed the Exploring Technology course at Hyper Island in Stockholm, where he’s helped introduce over 400 students to creative technology since 2015. As a facilitator, he teaches a wide range of workshops, and guides beginning designers from a holistic and pedagogical vantage point into the creative use of technology in their practices.

Mickey’s skill set and interests allow him to thrive in the role of generalist. He enjoys working in a collaborative context, and to bring out a sense of playful curiosity and explorative excitement into projects.


2017 – 20XX, freelance, Berlin
2019 – 20XX, The NODE Institute, Berlin
2017 – 2018, alt ctrl, Berlin
2018 – 2019, Lacuna Lab, Berlin
2013 – 2017, onformative, Berlin
2010 – 2014, POPSURE, Amsterdam
2011 – 2012, Zesbaans, Amsterdam
2010 – 2013, vesper, Amsterdam
2008 – 2010, RedHook, Amsterdam


FIELD.IO, flora&faunavisions, Hyper Island, JOURNEE, KASUGA Studio, Kirk, Hatch & Bloom, Kling Klang Klong, LIGANOVA, Neuro Music Academy, NEEEU, nFrontier, onformative, PlusOne, raumHOCH, schnellebuntebilder, SuperHeroes, TBWA\Paris, The Kids agency, Velvet Creative Office, Waltz Binaire, Wolff Olins

artist collaborations/comissions

Jan Bernstein, Thijs Biersteker, Ricardo Eizirik, Dr. Baruch Gottlieb, Clara Iannotta, Christian Mio Loclair, Andreas Lutz, Keziah MacNeill, Natacha Mankowski, George Singer, Felix J. Hermann Stumpf, MXZEHN/Stefan Kraus, Nick Verstand, Josef Pelz


Barmer, BMW, Coffee Collective, Dom Perignon, General Motors, Google, Humboldt Forum, Hyundai, IBM, Infiniti, Philips, Porsche, RexRoth, Siemens, Sony, Vans, Volkswagen, Mozilla, Nike, Porsche


2023, TouchDesigner Intermediates Course 23/24, The Node Institute, Berlin
2021, Stretching Senses School, Matters of Activity Humboldt University, Berlin
2021, Hands on with AI workshop, Hyper Island, Stockholm
2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, Exploring Technology, Hyper Island, Stockholm
2018, 2019, Contextual design workshop, Design Academy, Eindhoven
2017, Abstracting Nature With Autonomous Agents, Hoy es Desiño, Cali


2021, Tutorial: Erste Schritte in TouchDesigner, PAGE Magazine, Germany
2022, Stretching Senses VR Project Publication - Matters of Activity, Humboldt University Berlin

exhibitions / talks

2024.05, TouchDesigner Event Berlin 2024, Derivative Berlin
2019.04, Dune solo exhibition, De School Amsterdam


2013 – 2014, Interactive Art Director, Hyper Island, Stockholm
2009 – 2013, Bachelor of Art & Technology, Utrecht University of the Arts, Utrecht
2005 – 2009, Digital Designer, Mediacollege, Amsterdam