Delve into Ecliptic, a remarkable sculpture that pays homage to the sun's celestial journey. This unique artwork uses astronomical data and a custom-written program to plot the sun's path, illuminating 27 LED rods that reveal its position throughout the day. The rods' hues mirror the changing colors of daylight, celebrating the beauty of natural cycles.

The oval sculpture adopts a one (lit) to three (not lit) pattern, drawing inspiration from traditional dial-display methods. This arrangement highlights the quarter divisions of an hour, emphasizing the sun's zenith at mid-day with a concentration of illuminated bars.

The Möbius strip-inspired design symbolizes infinity, featuring 180 bars that rotate 1° each, creating a visually striking and infinite surface. As a site-specific sculpture, Ecliptic's curved form engages with its surroundings, forming a harmonious connection with the architectural elements of its environment. Immerse yourself in this fusion of art and science, where the sun's eternal dance is beautifully encapsulated, inviting contemplation on the passage of time and our connection to the cosmos.







Artist Felix Stumpf 

Artistic implementation and production Antimachines 

Control and programming Mickey van Olst