Seeker is a device which acts as a type of magical compass, made to invoke a sense of exploration and surprise to urban navigation. Although playful and intuitive, under its anodised aluminium shell a custom high-end system can be found, including various sensors such as GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope, to provide a precise indication on its motorised dial-pointer and illuminated bezel.

By placing a location token at its base, wirelessly a new location is imprinted on the device’s memory. After which it will do everything within its means to lure and encourage to set your own path, giving you a destination, but leaving the discoveries along the way up to you.


Made for Infiniti
Collaboration with MAPKuduAKQA
Design MAP
Prototyping Mickey van OlstTim Pulver
Code Tim PulverMickey van Olst
Hardware development Kudu

Made as part of onformative