The Research Wall

Along the Research Wall in the Humboldt Laboratory, visitors meet researchers at eye level in times of growing skepticism about science and become involved in a lively dialogue about the central question of our time: How do we want to live?

As the centerpiece of the exhibition "After Nature," the Research Wall has been staged as a participatory stage for science. To represent the ever changing dynamics of the scientific process the Research Wall is constantly transforming.

Everything is connected.

The innovative and specially developed kinetic installation choreographs a look behind the scenes of research: how are findings obtained that make the social and ecological transformation processes understandable as existential challenges of our liberal societies.

Not giving answers but raising questions about the complex challenges of today the Research Wall offers diverse and contradicting positions of leading researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Through this dynamic choreography, the research wall offers the audience the possibility to follow different narrative threads by moving along the broad staging and following individual protagonists and research cases. These parallel narratives are repeatedly interwoven into the main narrative and accompanied by interactive moments – a unique experience that invites multiple visits.

Research Wall is part of the inaugural exhibition After Nature in the Humboldt Labor at the Humboldt Forum Berlin





Media Scenography schnellebuntebilder 

Sound Scenography kling klang klong 

Hardware Engineering & Installation of the Adaptive Screens Jan Bernstein, Mickey van Olst 

Exhibition Design Inside Outside/Petra Blaisse 

Media Planning schnellebuntebilder in collaboration with hergarten / interactive environments COOP. Projektgesellschaft mbH 

Project Management Humboldt Labor Maria Ollesch, Anna Kalvelage, Frauke Stuhl (till March 2020) 

Curatorial Direction Dr. Gorch Pieken 

Camera Video Documentation Nikolaus Götz 

Editing Video Documentation Tim Rumpf 

Composition Video Documentation kling klang klong 

Photos © Humboldt-University in Berlin Philipp Plum